The commercial relations between ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL and its Clients will be governed by the following general conditions of sale duly accepted by both parties:


1. The Customer irrevocably accepts the following general conditions of sale and delivery, even if they are contradictory with the general and specific conditions of the Client, which, unless accepted in writing, will not affect ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL

2. It will be presumed that any person acting on behalf of the Client, whether in charge, employee, etc. he is a representative of the same and has sufficient powers to act as such and bind him.

3. The sales made will be considered mercantile being subject to the provisions of the Commercial Code. The sale will be understood to have taken place at the domicile of the seller for all purposes.

4. All orders must be addressed to the Commercial Department of ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL


5. The offers and price lists provided by ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL to the Customer are only indicative, with ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL reserving the right to modify said prices without notice.

6. The price does not include transport costs or taxes and other supplementary fees, which will be borne by the customer in any case.


7. The terms agreed with the Client for the delivery of the product, are not binding for ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL. The Customer shall not be entitled to request the cancellation of an order or other compensation in the event of delay in the delivery of the goods due to causes beyond the control of ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL.

8. The merchandise, unless otherwise agreed will be sent at the customer's expense and risk through the carrier determined by the carrier, ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL not being held responsible for any damages or losses that may be caused by the transport agencies on them. It is recommended that the shipments be insured by the Client with the designated transport agency.

9. Upon receipt of the goods by the Customer it will be necessary, for the purpose of possible claims, to include on the delivery note of the carrier any incident that may exist in the state of the merchandise or its packaging. This incidence must be communicated by email within a maximum period of 24 hours to the Customer Service Department. Otherwise, it will be understood that the product has been accepted in accordance.


10. The guarantee time of each product is 2 years  as indicated on the invoice.

11. The warranty will apply as long as the Customer has used the product under normal operating conditions as described in catalogs, manuals and instructions for use made available to the Customer.

12. The customer has 48 hours, from the receipt of the goods, to check their proper functioning and communicate any anomaly to our Technical Service.

13. The return goods always travel at the customer's risk.

14. Once confirmed the defect of operation by our SAT will return the merchandise changed or repaired to the client with postage by ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL. If it is found that there is no defect in the material, it will be returned freight collect according to the customer's instructions.

15. In no case may a claim justify a delay or suspension of the payment of the price of the product.

16. ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL is not obliged to indemnify the user or third parties for the consequences of the use of the product, whether direct or indirect damages, accidents suffered by people, damage to property outside the product, loss of profit or loss of profits, damages that come from a deterioration.


17. The customer validates his order as indicated below. This validation supposes the acceptance of the present general conditions of sale of ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL. The client must:

  • Choose the product and the color.
  • In the basket, check the detail of the order (color, quantity, price, etc. ...) with the possibility of modifying, adding and even deleting certain items.
  • Fill in the account creation form with password.
  • Choose the payment method, the type of delivery, the delivery address.
  • After having validated the payment method, the order is definitively confirmed. All validated orders carry the corresponding payment obligation.
  • The customer receives an order confirmation email

It is the client's responsibility to verify the accuracy of the order and to inform us immediately of any error.


18. Payment by bank transfer to the account number indicated on the page. ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL will send an email with the bank details and a reminder of the amount to be paid for the order, with a unique transaction number to be specified to the bank when the transfer is made. Once the transfer is received, the shipment of the order will be prepared.

19. For security reasons, ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL may need to ask the Client for the necessary documents to validate the order, such as a copy of the identity document, passport, bank card, etc ... In case of not receiving the requested documentation in the following 3 days, the order will be automatically canceled. Any receipt of non-conforming documents may also lead to the cancellation of the order.

20. The invoices issued by ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL will be sent to the Customer at the time of delivery of the product.

21. In case of termination and / or withdrawal of the contract due to the fault of the Client, the latter will be obliged to indemnify ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL for damages and losses caused. 


22. Until the price and all amounts due as a consequence of the contract have been paid by the Customer, the product is considered to be the property of ZOXNA AIRSOFT SL, with all the rights inherent to this quality, the Client being considered as custodian of the product. the products, having to fulfill all the obligations that as such depositary corresponds to him.